September 29, 2022

Using Zoho Cliq for Improved CRM Notifications

Let’s be honest, we all want less email!

If your business uses Zoho CRM then it’s more than likely that you have email notifications configured for a variety of actions.

Email notifications are a great way to get notified of system actions without being inside the system or when something happens within the system that you need to be aware of. As these systems become larger and more embraced, these notifications can become overwhelming and in turn are often just ignored.

So what’s the alternative to email notifications?

Introducing (Not new, but overlooked) Zoho CRM & Cliq Integration. This integration allows you to send notifications to a Zoho Cliq channel instead of sending you an email.

Here is an example of a simple task assignment notification that’s triggered when a task is created and assigned to me. This notification can be modified to contain information from the record that triggered the notification so you don’t need to access the record within the CRM. It also provides you with a direct link to open the record in CRM from the message.

If you’re not familiar with Zoho Cliq, it is a team communication application within the Zoho suite similar to Slack. It allows you to chat internally to your team as well as create groups and channels for different subjects.

Getting Setup

So how do you configure this integration and set up the notifications?

1 – Settings > Marketplace > All > Search ‘Zoho Cliq for Zoho CRM’ > Install

2 – Settings > Automation > Workflow Rules

Create a new workflow rule selecting the base module of where you want your notification to come from, in this example its the Tasks module.

Configure your trigger, conditions and then click on actions. If you are familiar with workflow rules you will notice that you now have an additional option to notify with Zoho Cliq.

3 –  Click ‘via Zoho Cliq’ to start the configuration. Remember that the message can contain merge fields, press # to bring up the options available.

Once you have completed this you will start receiving notifications inside the Zoho CRM Channel within Zoho Cliq application instead of your inbox.

If you have current workflows that create email notifications in your system you do not need to create new workflows you can just edit those existing workflows and update the action from an email to a Cliq message.

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