April 17, 2020

In-depth training videos for Zoho Campaigns

Zoho Campaigns is the email marketing automation software from Zoho. The system provides deep integration to other applications in the Zoho ecosystem such as Zoho CRM and includes many great features to help you communicate more effective with your contacts and business prospects.

We love Zoho Campaigns so much that we put together a 3 part video training series where our star Zoho consultant Ben will walk you through the product in-depth.

Part 1 – Getting Started & Setup

Learn how to get setup and started in Zoho Campaigns as Ben walks through all of the various setup features the system provides.

Part 2 – Syncing your Zoho CRM Contacts

Ben takes you through setting up your Zoho CRM syncs with Zoho Campaigns, so you can get your contact data into lists into Zoho Campaigns.

Part 3 – Creating Campaigns

Now you are setup, its time to create your campaigns!

Zoho Campaigns is part of the Zoho One product suite, if you would like to know more about Zoho Campaigns or any of the amazing Zoho products please reach out.

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