Bobbi Simonds
Marketing Manager, Palladium Private

"We've been able to come up with a system that lets us make marketing decisions about campaign spends based on people's behaviour, demographics, what they first clicked on—all this information we never had before.”

The Challenge

Founded in 2003, Palladium Private is a residential mental health facility that provides tailored retreat programs to help improve their clients' physical, psychological and mental wellbeing. Since they’ve previously used select Zoho applications, they we’re eager to make full use of their Zoho One subscription.

  • Needed to get more out of their Zoho One subscription to integrate their marketing efforts
  • Manual processes for client intake and data management were time-consuming and inefficient
  • Difficulty tracking leads and customer interactions across multiple platforms

The Process

Once the team at Palladium Private explained how exactly they wanted their software to function, and what information they were looking to track, the Ardento team, including Sam Daynes, helped them implement their vision.

  • Automated lead capture and follow-up with Zoho CRM and marketing tools
  • Consolidated marketing efforts with Zoho Social, Survey, and Campaigns
  • Utilized Zoho Analytics for data analysis and informed decision-making
  • Integrated third-party tools like WildJar for call tracking

The Outcome

Thanks to Zoho Analytics, Palladium Private now has accurate data at its fingertips, which allows the team to make more informed marketing decisions. Whether it's a spike in junk leads or a sudden increase in website visitors, Zoho Analytics helps them easily identify irregularities, uncover insights, and make data-driven decisions.

  • Increased efficiency with automated workflows and centralized data management
  • Improved marketing efforts and lead generation with integrated tools
  • Saved money by consolidating multiple subscriptions into Zoho One
  • Gained valuable marketing insights from Zoho Analytics
  • Enhanced client experience with streamlined communication and intake process
"Before, we'd have to dig and drill down for days trying to work out why we had a drop in leads. But now we just have a look at the data, and the system points out every anomaly. So yeah, data transparency is the biggest change."

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