Zoho CRM: 5 Reasons it’s your most valuable asset

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1. Invest In A Product Which Delivers LIVE Results

There is nothing better than typing information into a software system once and have it produce live analytics of your sales and marketing funnels.

I’m a very lazy person when it comes to repeating the same tasks over and over again, I despise it.

Time is precious in Small Business. Recording and storing data in a CRM system can take minimal effort when implemented in the correct way. Allowing teams to effectively share, collaborate and be strategic in their day to day tasks.

Data entry is labour intensive and can cost thousands per month to manage and maintain, let alone the mistakes that it could lead to in selling your product or service if the data was spelt or typed incorrectly during the manual data entry of other software systems.

Depending on your product or service, you can get your clients to fill out most of the data themselves using Zoho Forms, Zoho Webforms or Custom API solutions. For example, WordPress has a great tool called “Gravity Forms” which is an addon to your WordPress backend that connects it to Zoho via the native Zoho API.

This gives you the ability to create a questionnaire-like form for your clients to fill out on their mobile devices,  or at home on their computer and will upload the information directly into the CRM, thus saving you or the staff data entry.

2. Single Or Multiple Customer Journey's

All businesses, big or small, have a customer journey.

This begins as the initial contact with the client and company, and then ends when the customer pays for the product or service and fills out a survey form.

Zoho CRM focuses heavily on the client journey and evidently is customizable throughout the system in many different ways.

The types of businesses Ardento have successfully implemented Zoho CRM for are;

  • Trade Services
  • Not-for Profit organisations
  • Project Management Operations
  • Peer to Peer Support Groups
  • Bike Manufacturing
  • Real Estate
  • Auctioneers
  • Restaurant & Accommodation Groups
  • Online Product Stores
  • Financial Services
  • Health Services
  • Legal Services

Zoho’s customisation allows us to configure a slightly unique client journey for each one of these organisations.

3. Data Security / GDPR / 2FA / Tokens / Cookies

The tech world loves its acronyms and is forever evolving.

Zoho is the same. They’re constantly looking for ways to improve their security and stay General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliant. Data is now known to be more valuable than gold!

Having someone get access to your clients through your database would be highly detrimental to your business,  as this personal information could be used in many different ways to destroy yours, or your customers’ brand.

Ardento highly recommend that all users who use Zoho enable two-factor authentication (2FA) through the authenticator app (such as Zoho Authenticator or Google Authenticator). This prevents an intruder from forcing their way into your system. If an attempt is made they will be required to enter in the code from the 2FA app, which is reset every 20 seconds. (Google Authenticator, is widely used to handle 2FA, and has a native phone app).

4. Zoho In The Cloud, Why Does This Help Me?

A lot of people are still talking about this cloud as if it’s a big puffy and fluffy cloud. The truth be told is that there is no such thing.

So what does the cloud mean and why does it concern me as a business owner?

  1. You can access Zoho from anywhere on the globe and on any device that has access to the internet. You may want to take a trip overseas with your family, but still need to have access to your businesses accounts and systems.

    Always remember to keep your passwords secure, don’t save your passwords at internet cafes, don’t access sensitive information using public wifi and always ensure that 2FA is turned on as previously mentioned in this article.

  2. Zoho is very affordable, comes with a monthly subscription model and has been designed since its conception to be “cloud” focused.

    It’s highly scalable! Whether five users or thousands of users are connecting to your Zoho system, Zoho have crazy sophisticated load-balancing technology in place that ensures your system will not grind to a halt.

    Knowing that your system is not going to slow down and cost your more money when uploading more data is a great piece of mind for small and medium businesses. Zoho sets your business up for the “now” and for the future.

  3. Zoho treat data security, redundancy and backups very seriously. They have invested millions into ensuring that your data is always safe, secure and available.

    Zoho own many data centers around the globe and your data is stored in these data centres with backups happening daily to shield from unsuspecting attacks or global disasters.

5. Continuous Development And Support

Zoho has invested a significant amount of time and money into their employees. Zoho has an extremely high employee retention rate to go with a significant employee satisfaction rate who work towards the same overall mission.

This speaks to not only Zoho’s consistent development in the growth of its products, but the growth and investment in its people. This investment has begun to pay off significantly in Zoho’s products, namely CRM and Zoho One.

If you speak with any of these product managers or developers personally, their passion for their role in Zoho is overwhelming in the way that they discuss their Zoho Experience.

Weather you’re interested in CRM or any of the Zoho One applications we can also help with your implementation, migration, and the quality of your client journey.

If your business is located in Australia we would love to hear how we can make your Zoho experience smoother https://ardento.com.au/campaigns/zoho/

Have you read our last Zoholics blog: https://ardento.com.au/ardento/zoholics-australia-2018-wrap-up/

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