Zoho CRM 2016 Released

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Last week Zoho officially release Zoho CRM 2016!

Zoho CRM has been an excellent CRM choice for businesses of all sizes for many years, and now with the release of their latest version this system gets almost a complete overhaul bringing an array of new features and a fresh new user interface.

So, what’s new in Zoho CRM?


Use SalesSignals for real-time information about how customers and prospects are engaging with your business. With notifications about when a new visitor looks at your website or a returning customer opens a marketing email, SalesSignals gives you the details you need so you can know when to reach out.

Automation & Productivity

Sell smarter, not harder. Find overlooked opportunities with Advanced Filters, and make sure you never miss an appointment by syncing Zoho CRM with the most popular calendar apps (including iCal). Flowchart based workflows and schedules take care of routine tasks so you spend your time talking with prospects instead of entering their data.

Clutter Free UI

Choose the view that’s right for you, and see only the information that matters. New features and a streamlined user interface mean you spend less time entering customer data and more time engaging with prospect


Play more, sell more. Set up peer-to-peer contests for your teams with Gamescope to encourage people to complete daily tasks, and make selling fun. Liven up your sales game with badges and trophies to reward best practices and keep your team motivated.

Enhanced Mobility

An increasingly mobile workforce demands a mobile CRM. Try the all new app to start selling anytime, anywhere.

If you are interested in Zoho CRM for your business you can sign up for a free account here.

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