What’s New In Zoho CRM 2017

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Zoho has just released their latest update to their CRM software and the new features are impressive. Some of these features are Blueprint, Zia and Conditional Fields. Zoho has also upgraded their Sales Signal Platform and Telephone Integration.


Blueprint will guide your sales team through what action should be taken at what time or stage and prompts them for the right information in the right sequence in the sales process to close out a deal. The specified sequence to which your sales team addresses the type of opportunity can be decided through the Blueprint set up, through the set conditions and required actions that have to be met for a deal to be closed. Blueprints can also be configured on other core modules such as Accounts.


Zia is a new data intelligent feature in Zoho CRM. Zia learns how the individual user uses their Zoho account, from data entry to the activities being performed on a daily bases. Zia provides performance-based interpretations, solutions and predictions for the user which enables them to stay on top of their daily activities and drive their CRM success.


Conditional Fields

Zoho CRM is introducing conditional fields which allow users to fill out forms quicker and easier.  This new feature will enable the user to complete only required fields  through the conditioning field process, which will make the process a faster and smoother experience for the user.

Telephone Integration

Zoho CRM has now 14 new fully integrated cloud PBX and call management solutions to choose from.

Sales Signals Platform

Sales Signals feature enables you keep your finger on the pulse with every customer interaction. Sales Signals has also been extended to allow third-party application integration such as MailChimp and SurveyMonkey.


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