Velixo Reports 7 for MYOB Advanced

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What is Velixo?

Velixo Reports is the only reporting tool of its kind designed exclusively for MYOB Advanced. Using the familiar platform Microsoft Excel, you can connect directly to your MYOB Advanced system and instantly start building sophisticated, live reports.

Velixo Reports adds a ribbon to Excel and more than 50 functions that are specially designed to work with general ledger, projects and generic inquiries.

Changes you make to formulas and cells are reflected immediately in your spreadsheet. Easily update the cell to see the P&L of another branch, or run it for a different financial period, all while connected live to your MYOB Advanced data source.


What’s New In Velixo 7

Version 7 of Velixo Reporting for MYOB Advanced brings a lot of great features to the software.

Including –

  • Supercharge Writeback – upload to any page in MYOB Advanced using import scenarios. Leverage formula-based write-back and the streamlined user interface to create and update data in multiple screens in one click.
  • Report Smarter, Report Better – all Velixo functions are now dynamic-aware and can resize with the size of its input range. No more pesky IFs and fill-downs like it’s 1999! Pivot tables refresh automatically with your report and Hide Zero Rows can now hide redundant blank rows.
  • General Improvements – dozens of improvements based on user feedback, ranging from in-app help to a more complete Mac and Excel Online experience.

Check out the webinar below for a live demo and in depth look at the new features.


To learn more about Velixo please get in touch with our team

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