[Tutorial] NetSuite SuiteScript – New customer notification

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NetSuite is a great example of a cloud ERP system that is quite flexible in terms of customization. You can integrate external systems to it using SuiteTalk or Suitelets, and specific business rules may be attached to NetSuite user or system events using SuiteScripts.

Video Tutorial

I’m trying something new here by recording a video tutorial rather than pasting code in a blog post, so I do hope that this format works better for those that are interested.

The video that I have embedded below demonstrates a simple case study where a manager wants to be notified via email whenever a new customer is created in NetSuite. The manager wants to see in the email the customer name and also, the name of the employee that had created the record.

The SuiteScript can be downloaded from our GitHub repository here.


The source code shown is for demonstration purposes only. In a production environment, I would spend more time adding data validation and error handling code. Remember to test any scripts prior to releasing it live.

About the IDE used in the tutorial

Although any text editor or IDE (Integrated Development Environment) may be used to code the scripts, I like to use the NetSuite SuiteCloud IDE – which is based on the Eclipse IDE.

The main benefits for why I use the SuiteCloud IDE are;

  • Code completion for SuiteScript API and internal IDs.
  • Uploading and downloading files from NetSuite’s file cabinet.
  • Management of multiple NetSuite accounts

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