Tableau 10! Now Available!

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Tableau Version 10 Tableau is now available, and you will love it!. The changes which have been made between version 9 and version 10 you will really welcome, like the clearer layout which gives the pages a fresher look.  The developers have taken on board the recommendations from many Tableau users and the new features and enhancements which have been added, you and many other users will really appreciate.

Cross Data Filtering

The cross data filter now included filtering across all data sources.  This function allows you to set the individual filter to all related data sources associated with the workbook.  Previously you could only do current worksheet, selected worksheet or one data source.


This function can be used in a worksheet, story and dashboard, basically wherever there is a filter the function can be used.  It as easy as right clicking on the mouse and selecting apply to worksheets, “All using Related Data Source”. This feature is strengthened further with the relationship function.

Cross Data Joining

Another new feature in version 10 is ‘cross data joining’.  Instead of blending data you can now cross join data from a variety of sources. Businesses have many different ways of storing data and this feature enables companies to join their data easily. With data blending you were restricted to extracting or publishing the data whereas cross data joining enables the you to still use these functions.

Cross joining data is as simply adding the new data source in the connections section on the data source tab .  On the data source page select the data tables to be join, from the individual data tables. Tableau is smart enough to find a link between the tables and provides each source table with its own colours.


Device Designer

Another great feature, in version 10 Tableau, is the ability to adjust the dashboard to the device the published dashboard is to being viewed on. On the dashboard you can select the device the dashboard view needs to be accustom for .  


Tableau is smart enough to work out the type of device the published dashboard is being viewed on and will adjust the dashboard according, or another recommendation would be to download the mobile app on the portable device.

Some other great features which have been included in Tableau Version 10.

  • Clustering Function
  • Live Highlighting function
  • Varied Bar chart widths
  • Workbook Formatting

With the many new features, along with the crisp clear screen and enhanced colours shows that Tableau developers have really taken on board the suggested improvements from their many users and I believe they have delivered an upgrade that any Tableau user will really appreciate.



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