Our sponsor puppy ‘Amber’!

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At Ardento we like to find small ways to give back to the community and help great causes that are making a real impact across Australia. As we head into the festive season we want to introduce to our ‘Seeing Eye Dog’ sponsor puppy Amber!

It takes a lot of time, love, patience and money to raise these special working dogs that will one day become the gift of independence for people who are blind or have low vision.

We receive regular updates on Ambers progress and you can read our latest letter from Amber below !

Dear Ardento,

Hello again! It’s me, your sponsor puppy, Amber. I’m excited to tell you all about my amazing journey to becoming a Seeing Eye Dog. Thank you so much for sponsoring me. I’m so happy to be working towards becoming a real Seeing Eye Dog! Woo hoo!

I’ve moved in with my new puppy caring mum and she’s great! Her name is Tracey. My new mum tells me that I’m growing up super-fast. She will be taking care of me for the next 12 months. She told me that I’m already 15 weeks old and 14.2 kilos. Wowie!

Look at this photo mum took of me. It’s picture paw-fect, don’t you think? Woof!

I love living with my mum. Her home is in a beautiful area with lots of space and a whole bunch of other animals that have become my friends. Mum has another dog and lots of cats! My best buddy, Stitch, is a whippet. He is a bit older than me and we have lots of fun together. Mum’s cat’s names are Charlie, Tomi, Gemini, Maki and Pearl. It’s like heaven having so many friends at home — I don’t ever get bored. My mum works at a boarding cattery which I get to visit sometimes and make even more friends.

Mum tells me that I’m the first Seeing Eye Dog pup she’s ever taken on, and that I’m learning to wait before eating really quickly. That rule is especially hard, but hearing how well I’m doing makes me as proud as a peacock!

I get to wear my spiffy, blue coat when I’m practicing my good behavior, which means that I have to focus on my work and that people aren’t allowed to pat me. Not getting attention all the time can sometimes be really ruff! But when I finish my training I get to play and have lots of pats which makes it all worth it!
Every month mum takes me to a special group training session with lots of other pups to learn these tricky commands like “Sit” and “Stay”.

I am even practicing working on this thing called a lead. It feels really strange, but mum tells me that once I get used to it we’ll get to go on lots of fun walks together.

The best thing about training is that I get so much attention, love and cuddles when I get something right. It’s super duper fun, and I’m so proud of myself when I get something right. It’s so much fun playing with other pups; I was so tuckered out last training session that I slept the whole way home (and apparently I
snored too)!

I’ve also been practicing toilet training, and doing really well, even though I’ve had a few accidents. Whoopsies! I’m going to keep working hard on it – I’ll let you know how I go!

My mum tells me that I’m teething right now. Ouchie! I have lots of fun toys to chew on, which helps a lot, but occasionally I need a few reminders of what not to chew on. Sometimes I bite things that I’m not supposed to – sometimes I just can’t resist. That wooden table leg feels so good on my sore gums! Whoops!

Mum and I have so much fun together. She’s the best! She took me to the snow where I got to run and play. The snow felt very strange under my paws! We also went to see the ballet where, Mum tells me, I was very well behaved. I even feel asleep under her chair!

Do you know who else is the best? You! Thank you so much for all your support as I embark on this journey. It’s amazing that I get to learn so much, and all so that one day, together, we can hopefully help someone who is blind.

I’ll write again soon and let you know what I’ve been up to and send you another photo to show you how I’m growing up!

Love and licks,

If you would like to get involved and support a ‘Seeing Eye Dog’ puppy just like Amber, head over to http://seda.visionaustralia.org/

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