MYOB Advanced – User Interface Overview

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In 2015, MYOB Ltd launched MYOB Advanced ERP System. MYOB Advanced is a ‘born in the cloud’ web-based ERP, hosted within the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Australian data center. MYOB Advanced offers exceptional business, financial and operational management capabilities under a monthly subscription model.

History of MYOB Advanced

MYOB Ltd is the largest software company across Australia and New Zealand. In 2013 MYOB Ltd partnered with Acumatica, an American software development company, to develop a cloud-based ERP system. Acumatica provided the technology foundation to MYOB Ltd, which enabled MYOB Ltd to build on the foundation and enhance the features to adhere to Australian and New Zealand businesses legal and compliance requirements.

MYOB Advanced offers some exceptional functionality which enhances user experience. Some of these features include the copy and paste clipboard function, multiple notes capturing features, the advanced searching ability and awesome report filtering options.

General Navigation

MYOB Advanced provides a contemporary browser based UI. New users will find the navigation experience intuitive and similar to other leading web applications. A main menu across to the top of the user interface provides access to the core entities and a collapsible left side menu provides search capabilities and access to the individual system functions and data entry forms.

Clipboard Function

MYOB Advanced Clipboard feature enables a user to copy a previously created form and paste the same details into a new form.  It is as simple as opening a previously populated record, selecting copy and then pasting into a new record. Transaction templates can also be created to save data entry time.

Once the new form has been created, a user can make any changes. I.E. add or remove items as required, then save the form. The copy and paste clipboard function is also available in any entry screen under the work area.


MYOB Advanced enables users to capture notes either at the line item level on a form or at the record level.  Notes can also be allocated against a customer or supplier account under activities. The Record Note can be used to communicate information in association with the form, i.e. sales order note can include delivery instructions or warehouse instructions.  These notes can also be printed on forms such as a sales order or delivery note.

MYOB Advanced also has the option for any notes to be copied the from the sales order, to the shipment forms and onto the invoice form, controlled by the preferences set for the order type.


Another great function in MYOB Advanced is the search feature. A user can search online Help, wikis, files, notes, and various records (entities), such as supplier and customer accounts, leads, contacts, cases, or expense claims though the single search section.  It is as simple as typing a query into the search box.

Reporting Filter Features

The report filtering ability in MYOB Advanced allows users to filter data on reports without being reporting gurus.

In MYOB Advanced, each report has an Additional Sort and Filters tab which allows users to add additional filtering conditions to the standard report. It simply allows the user to customize the standard reports by using the filtering features. The user also has the ability to save their customized filtered report as a template which can also be shared with other users if required.

Another option for filtering is on a data table or generic inquiry report, which gives users the ability to filter the report into individual tabs. For example, the below report enables the user to see all records associated with the customer, a second filter is used to show only invoices for the customer, as per the second tab, and another filter is used to show only payments for the customer, as per the third tab.

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