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What are Pop Up Notes?

Pop up notes allow you to communicate about an entity to other MYOB Advanced users.  A pop-up note can be added to a customer, vendor or an inventory item that will be displayed to other users when they select the entity while creating documents in the system.

Adding and Editing a Pop-Up Note

To add a pop-up note, open up the business account or inventory item that you would like to add the pop-up note to.  The Pop-Up Note feature is within the notes section of the form, which is at the top of the form.  At the bottom of the notes is a box which you will select to add a pop-up note.

Once you have selected a new box is added to the notes where you will enter in the details that you would like other users to know about this business account or inventory item.

To remove the pop-up note or edit the pop-up note simply go back into the notes for the business account or inventory item and edit the pop-up note or delete it.

Displaying Pop-Up Note

When another user enters a transaction for the business account or inventory item to which you have entered a pop-up note for, MYOB Advanced will display the note in a pop-up window.

Pop up notes for customers and inventory items will display on the following screens

  • Invoice and Memos
  • Cash Sales
  • Sales Orders 
  • Sales Order Invoices

Pop up notes for Suppliers accounts will display on the following screens

  • Bills and Adjustments
  • Purchase Orders
  • Purchase Receipts

Pop-Up Notes are just one of the many amazing features within MYOB Advanced. Please reach out to speak to one of our consultants to learn more about Pop-Up Notes or about MYOB Advanced in general.

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