MYOB Advanced Manufacturing

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MYOB Advanced Manufacturing

MYOB Advanced Manufacturing is available within MYOB Advanced Business Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) cloud based system. The MYOB Advanced Manufacturing allows you to keep track of production needs and costings in association to what is being produced.

“The MYOB Advanced Manufacturing solution delivers powerful and comprehensive functionality for make-to-stock, make-to-order, configure-to-order, engineer-to-order, project-centric, job shop, batch and repetitive manufacturing companies.”

MYOB Advanced Manufacturing contains Bill of Materials/ Routing, Production Management and Material Requirements Planning (MRP) as the base modules. Additional modules, Estimator, Project Manufacturing, Advanced Planning & Scheduling and Product Configurator can be added to enhance the functionalities available in MYOB Advanced Manufacturing. 

Bill Of Materials

The Bill of Materials is the foundation for all the manufacturing modules, it allows you to build multi-level bill of materials and you can define the manufacturing processes for your stock items. It also provides you with the ability to do activity based costing, giving you greater insight into your true cost of production. 

On your bill of materials you will define the operations and work centers, along with the materials, steps, overheads and tools and/or Machines to be used.  Your Bill of Materials will be used to define the production order needs to produce your raw materials to your finished goods.

Bill Of Materials

Production Management

The Production Management is the process you will use to produce your manufactured items, from raw material and components parts into finished items and sub-assembly items. Production Management allows you to track the operations performance by tracking material and labour costs and schedule production. 

The Production Order function allows you to easily enter the production orders. Within the Production Order you have the ability to use alternative BOMS, along with modifying labour, materials, production steps, tools or Overheads from the BOM. When making changes in the Production Order the system will not override the BOM configuration and this allows ‘on the fly’ production changes.

The Production Order will default to the Primary BOM for the item being produced, but if there is another BOM for the inventory item that needs to be used in the current production process, you have the ability to change it on the Production Order without creating a new production order for the alternative BOM. There is also the option to go back to a prior version of the BOM rather than using the current default BOM if required on the production order.

The below Flow diagram provides you will the full flow of the production process in MYOB Advanced Manufacturing, this is a typical process flow for production from time of entry to closing the production order out, which are all recorded in the Production Order Maintenance form.

Production Flow

Production Order Maintenance

Material Requirements Planning (MRP)

The Material Requirements Planning module allows you to perform the art of balancing supply and demand of material, which is critical to any manufacturing operation.

This module allows you to satisfy your customers requirements, whilst maintaining optimal inventory levels.

The MRP allows you to view the sales activities, master Production Schedules and forecasts all in one location. It also provides you with a flexible selection criteria for producing purchase and production orders, along with recommendations to manage change to purchase orders and production orders.

The MRP Display is the core screen in the MRP Module. It shows what production is planned and what needs to be purchased and manufactured. From this screen you are able to create purchase orders and production orders and it also enables you to choose the supply order regardless of the default replenishment source on the item, set for manufacturing.  The list is prioritized based on the items to action first.


Finance & Distribution Integration

The MYOB Advanced Manufacturing module integrates with the Finance and Inventory modules and can also be configured to integrate with the Sales Order, Project and Customer Management modules.  

Due to the full integration between the MYOB Advanced Manufacturing and MYOB Advanced ERP  it will provide you with real-time coordination of all your business activities from one central location.

Please reach out to speak to one of the Ardento team to learn more about MYOB Advanced Manufacturing.

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