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What are Generic Inquiries?

Generic Inquiries is a function within MYOB Advanced that allows you to create web-based inquiries and add them to your MYOB Advanced ERP system.

A generic inquiry allows you to filter data, sort data, change the column order and added or remove columns all through the inquiry form.

The Generic Inquiry collects data from the MYOB Advanced Database and displays the query results in a table format. It is not just a basic report, it can be used in dashboards, made available to BI Tools, connected to MYOB Advanced Pivot Table and offers the drill down capabilities for even more detailed analysis. A Generic Inquiry can also be exported to Excel or exposed as OData, an open data format supported by business intelligence tools.

Last year MYOB Advanced released some new features which can be performed through the generic inquiry. Some of these features were Total Aggregate Function, Conditional Highlighting and Navigation Option.

Total Aggregate Function

On the Generic Inquiry screen, on the results Grid Tab, a Total Aggregate Function Column is available which allows you the ability to aggregate the total value of a generic inquiry column.

Simply select from the drop down to how you require the column to be Aggregated.

The Total Aggregate Function allows you to either:-

  • Average of all the values in the column
  • Count of all the values in the column
  • Return the maximum value of all values of the column
  • Return the minimum value of all values of the column
  • Return the sum of all values of the column

When you use the Total Aggregate Function the information will be displayed at the bottom of the screen.


Conditional Highlighting

In 2019.1 version of MYOB Advanced, conditional highlighting was added as a feature to Generic Inquiries. Highlighting Conditional Formatting enables you to define a condition against a field and if the condition is met then it will be highlighted on the report.  The conditional highlighting allows you to highlight rows or columns based on the conditions criteria.

On the Results Grid of the Generic inquiry form is where you enter your required highlighting conditions.

Row Conditional Highlighting

To conditionally highlight a row, you highlight the row and in the row style box you enter the conditional formula for highlighting the row.

When you view the Generic Inquiry results you will see the rows have been highlighted based on the formula entered.

Column Conditional Highlighting

To conditionally highlight a column, on the results tab, you go to the style column for the column that you want to highlight and click on the cell.  This opens up the formula box which allows you to enter the condition formula in for the column.

When you view the Generic Inquiry, you will see the rows have been highlighted based on the formula entered.

MYOB Advanced holds many different colours within the system to use for highlighting.

Navigation Option

The new navigation parameter side panel allows you to view the details of a related record whilst reviewing the Generic Inquiry results. 

To add a side panel onto the Generic Inquiry, go to the navigation tab on the Generic Inquiry screen. From the Window Mode dropdown select side panel, which then will show a panel on the side of the Generic Inquiry.

In the Screen section select the screens to be shown on the side pane based on the Generic Inquiry data. The Navigation Parameters section is what conditions will be used to match the data on the line to the data to the screen.  

For the below sample the generic inquiry lists all the open Invoices in the MYOB Advanced system.

To view the invoice for that line in the generic inquiry the screen is the Invoice and Memo screen (AR301000 – Invoice and Memos).  The link between the result line in the Generic Inquiry and the Invoice and Memo form is the invoice Reference number (ArInvoice.RefNbr) and document type (ARInvoice.DocType).

Once you have linked all the details and run the generic inquiry results and a side panel will appear on the right hand side of the generic inquiry. 

If you click on the line you want to review, the information will display on the side panel.

Generic Inquires are just one of the many amazing features within MYOB Advanced.

Please reach out to speak to one of our consultants to learn more about Generic Inquires or about MYOB Advanced in general.

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